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In an update on the collaboration between CEW & Landsec, a Yorkshire born skincare brand that is making huge waves across the beauty industry, has moving into a stylish shop within Trinity Leeds, and will be there until 15th December, generating 6 new jobs.

Clockface Beauty was founded in 2018 by mother and daughter team, Karen Horsley and Sarah Thomas, and has caused a huge stir in the skincare industry with its range of products that are 100% natural, vegan and even waterless.

Karen, who is a qualified scientist, created the first product for daughter Sarah to use whilst pregnant. She said, “Our skin is waterproof, so I wanted to create a waterless product for Sarah that would really absorb and nourish her skin with nothing but good ingredients. To see it on sale in Trinity Leeds, is a dream come true!”

The skincare line that has products for both men and women has grown a huge fanbase in its first 12 months, with a range of products that are classed as multi-sensory. They’re created to calm the mind and nourish the skin, and you can really see that the space in Leeds has been styled to mirror this. Guests to the store will be surrounded by the calming smell of essential oils, as they enjoy a rosemary water and really take time to explore the full range of products.

In preparation for the launch, the store went through a luxurious refit which includes a hand massage area, ingredient station and skin consultation area.

“The response to the brand has been incredible so far, and we’re really excited for people to see more in our shop. We’re very proud to be based in Yorkshire, and so for our first store to be in Trinity Leeds is really meaningful. We can’t wait for more people to experience our products, meet our team and really find the best solutions for their skin.” said Sarah.