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If you are after find the best in skincare this is the store for you. Harrods has just unveiled the second phase of the redevelopment of its Beauty Halls, in the form of a brand new 9000 sq ft skincare emporium housing more than 40 brands and we were lucky enough to visit the store earlier this week.

The one of a kind skincare hall includes a vast range of proven classics, Harrods exclusives, naturals, sustainably sourced, non-toxic and doctor led products,  plus the very latest gadgets in beauty and skincare. Customers have access to discreet consultation spaces and brands offer individually designed areas where customers can test new products or get expert advice.

Annalise Fard, director of beauty, said: “We have created an innovative and immersive shopping experience that is unmistakably Harrods, and makes the beauty hall the ultimate beauty sweetshop. We have listened to the needs of our customers and responded with a range of brands that focus on delivering the best results. Whether that’s medi-cosmetic beauty or taking a unique approach to sustainability, our curation is a true testament to our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ beauty needs, cementing Harrods’ status as a trusted beauty authority.

By 2020, Harrods will have expanded its beauty division to nearly 90,000 sq ft across five floors. The regeneration project will result in a 53% increase in the area devoted to make-up, fragrance, skincare and specialist beauty services. The retailer said the aim is to create “an immersive, inspiring and inclusive experience for customers – the ultimate beauty environment

harrods beauty phase 2