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In a bold move Sephora has this week revealed ambitious plans to open 100 new stores in the US in 2020. The figure is more than double the number of openings from the LVMH-owned cosmetics retailer compared last year. Set to be slightly smaller than its current stores, the spaces will focus predominately on fragrance and hair care, areas in which the company has witnessed high growth rates. 

The plan has been spearheaded by Sephora Americas President and CEO Jean André Rougeot, who joined the company early last year. “As we look at ways to continue to be more inclusive and accessible, brick and mortar continues to be a huge opportunity for us to deepen emotional connections with our clients and local communities”, he said.

Sephora is continuing to invest in its stores of the future, with interactive environments that feature educational tools and services offering brands deep engagement with customers. Sustainability will be a key focus in the new locations, with all new stores powered by 100% renewable energy and stores will open across the country in “off-mall” locations in Charlotte, Nashville, and San Jose along with other major cities. Sadly no plans for the UK as yet…