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We’ve seen much in industry news these past couple of months demonstrating that consumers are happy to continue see brands advertising, provided that the messaging feels authentic and has purpose. PR naturally fits here and it is essential that we do not lose sight of the importance of PR at this time.

London based beauty and interiors PR specialists PuRe PR + Communications have conducted a survey this month with leading editors and influencers to determine the role of consumer PR in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The results of which will be helpful to all in our industry in order to continue to best conduct campaigns at this time.    

There were 31 respondents to the survey, a mix of UK based print and digital writers as well as influencers in the consumer beauty and interiors spaces, including those from leading national newspapers and all mediums.

The results from PuRe PR highlight a number of interesting factors but overwhelmingly the vital role of PR, and the reciprocal importance of the well established relationships that PR’s have with editors and influencers:

100%  of respondents are mostly working with PRs that they have an existing relationships at the moment, meaning that well established contacts are more important than ever. 
66% are relying on PRs to bring them stories more than usual at this time 
• Over 26% are looking for stories that are ‘moving on from Covid-19 related content’
86% of respondents believe that PRs are essential to their own role at the moment, and they rely on PRs to facilitate their jobs
• Moving forward, only 13% would be happy to attend large scale launch events with social distancing with the vast majority favouring news updates straight into their inboxes

Most respondents when questioned on how they are feeling about their current work life are varied with responses including “disjointed, intense, calmer” and “energised, frustrated, happy”.