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As announced on the 6th January, CEW is going global. We are combining with CEW Inc. and CEW France to give our members more opportunities to connect with the global beauty industry. This will increase the value of membership for all CEW members by adding the following privileges:

o   Interactive member directory

o   Discussion group communities

o   CEW MentorMatch

o   CEW Beauty Insider

o   CEW International Calendar

o   Access to member-only, proprietary information

o   CEW Beauty Career Center


These will be available to you starting on the 1st March. You will be receiving a welcome letter from CEW Inc. with more details on our global initiative, including your membership information and instructions on how to set up your global account. We are so excited to be connecting with CEW Inc. and CEW France and we hope you will take advantage of all of the benefits CEW has to offer globally.


Letter from the President 

Dear CEW members,

As you know CEW(UK) will become part of the new Global CEW organisation to include CEW France and CEW Inc. 

As part of this step, our US counterparts, CEW Inc., are compiling a Global Directory of members.  This means that all our members professional details (the information you gave us when you joined up) will be sent to CEW Inc. in the US. We have put in place safeguards which mean that your data will be kept securely and cannot be used outside the CEW organisation. We are confident we have done everything we can to safeguard your interests and that our global initiative will reap many benefits for you. However, if you have any queries about what this means for you, or if you do not agree to become part of this global directory, please contact the team as soon as possible.

If you are happy to have your information transferred and made part of our global directory, you do not have to do anything.

We will keep you all informed of when the new exciting global member directory will be available. 

With best wishes,

Caroline Neville

President CEW(UK)