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New Research Uncovers the No.1 Destination Women Go to Find Out About Beauty Products and It's Not Where You Might Think.

Mon, 10th October: Imogen Matthews Associates (IMA) has today announced the results of its exclusive consumer research into the digital habits of beauty consumers. 

The research reveals that despite its popularity and influence around the world, YouTube is not the number 1 destination for women researching beauty products. 

That honour goes to the brand websites. It’s where women expect to find reliable beauty product information straight from the horse’s mouth. 

According to IMA’s research, before women visit You Tube for anything beauty, they’ll first visit online retailers, such as Boots and John Lewis, pureplay websites, Google, Amazon and beauty blogs.  

With 1.3bn beauty views annually, YouTube is certainly no slouch and demonstrates the importance of tutorials and video content in particular when engaging with beauty consumers of all ages. Women aged 18-35, the all-important millennial demographic, are keen users of You Tube, but are also moving between an array of different online destinations for beauty information.   

The research carried out with One Poll, surveyed 1,000 women for IMA's first ever Omnichannel report, which launches today.

The report is the first of its kind to tackle what omnichannel actually means for the beauty industry. 

Written in partnership with award winning integrated communications agency, Pegasus, it looks at the strategies that some of the beauty's best brands and retailers are implementing and provides solutions the challenges that get in the way of it becoming a reality. 

What is the omnichallenge?
Omnichannel is so much more than multi-channel which draws distinctions between web, social and in-store experiences. 
Done correctly, ominchannel anticipates a seamless user journey that can be initiated, dropped, resumed and completed at any touchpoint and in almost any order. 
The challenge facing beauty brands is to make the experience both seamless and consistent, without losing potential customers on the journey. 

“The beauty industry has some catching up to do in the area of omnichannel, not least in understanding that every part of a brand’s business needs to be connected. Consumers expect to move seamlessly between different channels and will abandon brands that don’t offer that experience,” comments Imogen Matthews, Managing Director, IM Associates. 

What is included in the report?
   • What is ominchannel and why it matters
   • What are the smartest ominchannel strategies that premium beauty brands and retailers adopting
   • The latest statistics on retail and online beauty - plus what this means for the premium beauty industry
   • Retailer strategies - how to merge the physical with the digital
   • The standalone boutique trend - opportunities for customer engagement
   • Understanding the consumer psyche: how to put the customer at the heart of an omnichannel strategy
   • Top tips in creating a meaningful social media strategy
   • 10 tactics to build a meaningful community
   • Social jargon buster

The new report launches on Monday 10th October from http://www.imogenmatthews.co.uk/omnichannel
For the duration of the launch week only, The Ominchannel Report will be discounted by 20% for subscribers of the IMA blog. 

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