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Dear Mr Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, 

We are writing to you on behalf of the 5500 skin care centres we work with, and as representative of the Beauty Industry to implore you to provide clarity on the differentiation being made between those close contact service businesses that can open on the 4th July 2020 and those that are not permitted to. 

Whilst there is general confusion as to why one-to-one services in a highly sanitised environment is more risky than being in a pub or restaurant with minimal distancing or mitigating measures when eating and drinking, or having your hair done in an environment taking the same measures that a beauty salon will, the lack of proposed opening date presents a bigger issue. No date for opening means it is not possible to plan how long you might require interim financial support measures, or have clarity on whether it will be possible to remain in business. 

A survey of our business account partners suggests we will see 6% close post the Covid-19 pandemic, with many more teetering on the edge of survival. This industry in conjunction with hair is worth £6.6 Billion to the UK economy each year and its collapse will be devastating, not least for those whose livelihoods depend on these close contact services.

The industry, which has a strong and existing standard on hygiene and sanitation, has been active in preparing to go back to work safely. 

Dermalogica has worked with epidemiologists and medical professionals to develop Enhanced Service Safety guidelines for the skin care and salon industry which go well beyond HM Government’s guidelines. Tens of thousands of professionals have taken our Clean Touch Certification, pledging to uphold the highest safety and hygiene standards. Our industry, our reputations, and our businesses are at stake. We assure you we are taking Covid-19 seriously. Dermalogica have not furloughed any employees as a modest contribution to society, and the action of re-opening these skin care centres is not from a profit perspective, but their survival.

We are not alone as many organisations in our industry have stepped up to ensure that business can take responsible actions to ensure both customer and staff safety when it is time to open.

We need government to clarify why practitioners offering skin care, massage and other beauty services cannot open alongside hairdressers, and other sectors, when there is clear guidance in place for close contact services. 

And whilst we strongly oppose the notion that our industry is not equipped to provide safe service from the 4th July 2020, we urge government to confirm a date for opening.

Mark Hermann
Dermalogica UK General Manager