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Zero To Explosion In Four Years

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Zero To Explosion In Four Years


Zero to Explosion in Four Years

Recently, CEW were delighted to welcome the founder of Toronto-based beauty organisation DECIEM, Brandon Truaxe, and Co-CEO Nicola Kilner, to their mentoring event Zero to Explosion in Four Years, where they shared what it takes to make it big in the beauty industry.

Renowned for being a disruptive beauty brand, DECIEM launched in 2013 and has since become a household name after the launch of one of their award-winning brands, The Ordinary, which exploded onto the scene in 2016.

With innovation and integrity at its heart, DECIEM has cultivated an empire of niche brands that have gained a legion of followers world-wide. This year has seen the opening of their first London stores in Covent Garden and Old Spitalfields Market and their recently-launched foundations garnered a hefty waiting list of 50,000 people!

During the discussion, they explained how their company mission of marrying function, design and authenticity has helped them to resonate with consumers. From the beginning, they have been passionate about ensuring their products were available and affordable for everyone, which they credit their success to. In addition to this, social media has helped to leverage further awareness of their range of products across each brand, with their loyal followers serving as brand champions.

Nicola said, “We never set out to be disruptors, it just happened. We are, however, a unique company and our strategy is to remain true to this. We bring a lot of education to the table, which consumers are receptive to. We know that our customers are extremely savvy - they are hungry for information and passionate about the ingredients and science behind the brands.”

Their biggest challenge, according to Nicola, is keeping up with trends and what competitor brands are doing. She said, “Smaller brands are often behind the curve simply because they don’t have the resources to compete with larger brands. Because of this, smaller brands tend to ignore trends and go with their gut instinct, which is exactly what DECIEM does.”

While being a small business can have its disadvantages, such as ensuring the operational side of stock management can move as quickly as the creative side, Brandon explained that their size often works to their advantage. He said, “Given we have our own factories, it helps minimise the usual risks that come with launching new products, which has worked in our favour.”

Overall, the event proved to be an inspiring session, which provided CEW members with insights into this blossoming company that continues to evolve and shake things up within the industry.