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Why Organic Beauty Matters More Than Ever…

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Why Organic Beauty Matters More Than Ever…

Why Organic Beauty Matters More Than Ever

CEW and The Soil Association recently joined forces to discuss the importance of organic beauty with CEW members. The sold-out event was hosted by Lauren Bartley, Health and Beauty Business Development Manager for the Soil Association, and Founder and Director of Black Book Communications, Nicola Nolan, who provided insights into what it means to be Soil Association certified. 

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading certifier of organic food, farming, beauty and wellbeing products as well as fashion and textiles. The recent rise in demand for certification across beauty products has been incredible, with certified health and beauty currently experiencing its fifth year of growth. The Soil Association revealed that a staggering £62.2 million was spent on certified organic and natural beauty in the UK in 2016 and it has experienced 34.6% growth in the past two years.

The Soil Association has identified six key trends that are currently driving growth in certification:
* Inside-out beauty (increased consumer awareness of the concept of ‘well-being’ and the crossover between health and beauty)
* Sustainability (focusing on social and ethical concerns)
* Brand transparency
* Food ingredients
* Product range extension 
* International demand

Lauren Bartley, Health and Beauty Business Development Manager for the Soil Association, said: “Astonishingly, there is currently no legal standard in place for organic cosmetics. This means that some products on the market can contain little to no organic ingredients and yet are falsely labelled and sold as being ‘organic’. To help rectify this, we launched the #comecleanaboutbeauty campaign in April this year. The campaign produced a league table of products which are not certified as organic but yet are using this term on their labels. We want to encourage consumers to ‘look for the logo’ when shopping for organic beauty and wellbeing products to ensure that can trust the quality and integrity of all purchases.”

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