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Speaking with Presence and Impact: Part I

Young Executive Event

Speaking with Presence and Impact: Part I

Speaking with Presence and Impact

In a digital world, where so much of our communication is delivered via email, text, WhatsApp messages and memes, are we neglecting the skill of how to speak in public with presence and impact? In today’s competitive market, it is key to be able to talk with confidence and deliver your message in an engaging way; whether it be on a stage in a formal setting, wanting to get your point across in a meeting or participating in an important Zoom conversation.

In these two sessions, learn to speak so others hear and understand you; and to do it in an effortless way that actually allows you to enjoy the experience!

Hear from Georgina White, a Learning & Development Leader, with over 20 years of experience in luxury retail. Beginning her career in the Selfridges beauty hall, spending 18 years as Head of Training at Kenneth Green Associates, and now leading a European training team within the eyewear sector, she has delivered countless presentations, training sessions and speeches to large and small audiences in both formal and informal settings.

PART I: Delivering an Engaging Message
in Person and on Camera

Wednesday 3rd June

18:00 - 18:45 BST

•  Structuring your speech
•  Engaging the audience
•  Using your voice
•  Using your body language
•  Speaking on video calls – tips
•  How to practice

If you were unable to join this session you can watch it here.

PART II: Dealing with Nerves &
Being “Present” with your Audience

Tuesday 16th June
18:00 - 18:45 BST

•  Being present
•  Dealing with nerves
•  Being authentic