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Soaring to Fame in a Social World

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Soaring to Fame in a Social World

"Soaring to Fame in a Social World" with Sand & Sky


On Wednesday the 2nd of May CEW had the pleasure of hosting ‘”Soaring to Fame in a Social World” with Sand & Sky’, a fascinating event which provided the sold out audience of CEW members a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the phenomenal success of Australian-born brand Sand & Sky. 

Facilitated by newly appointed Beauty and Lifestyle Director of Glamour Camilla Kay, the morning saw founder of the brand Sarah Hamilton and co-founder Stephanie Michel share their insight on how they turned their start-up brand into an international success story.

Sarah and Stephanie explained to the CEW audience how from day one they had a series of key priorities that they strive to keep at the forefront of their minds at all times. They define these as being the true heart of the brand and mark them as the main reasons behind their success. These include:

•Creating a product that they truly believed in with tangible results  
•Always understanding the target consumer and being attentive to their needs
•Harnessing the power of social media and using it as strategically as possible
•Hiring a powerful team that believe in the brand as much as they do

As well as the above priorities Sarah and Stephanie pride themselves on Sand & Sky being a truly authentic Australian brand. They want their products to be fun, colourful and above all stay true to the Australian ethos and culture. After launching their PorefiningFace Mask™ containing Australian clay and manufactured only in Australia, the traction and interest they saw from their audience was incredible. They had created a brand that was authentic and unique and garnered so much attention that the PorefiningFace Mask™ sold 60,0000 units in 12 weeks and created an impressive waiting list of 2,000 people in one weekend alone.

Following its 2017 debut the brand has now launched a second product Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment which has been described as the ‘partner in crime’ to their PorefiningFace Mask™. Sarah and Stephanie admitted that they felt a considerable amount of pressure ahead of the launch of their second product. They were aware that the success of their PorefiningFace Mask™ was a tough act to follow and they did not want to disappoint their eagerly awaiting consumers. 

With this in mind they decided to launch their second product very strategically, harnessing the powers of their impressive social media following and ensuring demand was high thanks to their pre-existing customer base. During the lead up to the launch the Sand & Sky team released just one ingredient at a time through a series of well-timed social media posts. This ‘Insta-tease’ style launch combined with their organic social media following resulted in a waiting list of 15,000 people.

On discussing the triumph of their second launch and the Sand & Sky brand in general, the passion and enthusiasm from Sarah and Stephanie was palpable. With a full audience of CEW members hanging off their every word, there is no denying that they are the true definition of an Australian success story. Their brand embodies the Australian lifestyle and culture that they are so proud to be a part of - in Sarah’s owns words the Sand & Sky team are truly “living and selling the Australian dream!”