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"Reaching the Extreme" with Natalia Cohen

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"Reaching the Extreme" with Natalia Cohen 

With 15 years' experience of living and working in over 60 countries, Natalia Cohen has chosen to follow an unusual and fascinating path. Her broad range of professional experience within the travel industry includes adventure tour leading, operations management, teaching/training, volunteer and project coordination, as well as working within the Super Yacht industry and Eco-lodge management, running a remote Safari lodge in Tanzania. 

Natalia is no stranger to being outside of her comfort zone and has made an art of embracing and adapting to change. Her understanding of team dynamics, the importance of a positive mindset and the ability to live in the moment led her to become part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. 

Natalia and the crew completed this challenge in January 2016 setting two world records and gaining an international following. This was a journey of just under 9,000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia in a 29ft ocean rowing boat. The expedition was not only a challenge of extreme conditions and perseverance but also a journey within to better understand the strength of human spirit, the importance of being aligned with your values, developing mental resilience, the diversity within a team and enjoying the journey.

Natalia’s vision is to empower others to reach their potential, push through their self-limiting mental boundaries and meet and overcome the challenges that life throws at them.

While she may have crossed her literal Pacific, we all have our own Pacific to cross.


CEW Young Executive Event
"Reaching the Extreme” with Natalia Cohen

Tuesday 6th February 2018
Mintel Group
11 Pilgrim Street
London EC4V 6RN

18:00-18:45 Registration and Networking
18:45-19:30 Presentation
19:30-19:45 Q&A

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