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"Mastering Difficult Conversations" with Janet Taras

"Mastering Difficult Coversations" with Janet Taras 

Imagine a day when you don’t cringe before having a challenging conversation. This session shares stories, and strategies to approach any difficult conversation with confidence.

“Stop speaking over me in meetings”
“Your negativity is bringing me down”
“I deserve a promotion”

Definition of Courageous Conversations: ‘The courage to have pro-active conversations that lead to real progress.’ This talk is about cutting through the nonsense and getting to the deeper meaning of a conversation with the objective of moving forward. Find the courage to have a productive conversation that produce results. Dare to push the boundaries with courageous conversation.

Janet will reveal her 4-step DARE strategy to having a courageous conversation, allowing time for practice sessions in between each module.

The DARE Strategy:
Diagnose: The 1st step allows the participant to diagnose the real issues behind a challenging conversation.
Acknowledge: The 2nd step moves the lens onto the participant as we look at what biases or habits may be a factor in their conversation.
Recognise: The 3rd step encourages us to look at the other person’s style and traits in order to approach the conversation with efficacy.
Engage: Finally, the participant is encouraged to practice in more productive conversations which lead to progress, not arguments.

This workshop equips participants with tools and techniques to enable them to:

• Respond quickly to a challenging discussion in a confident and respectful manner.
• Diagnose the real issues behind a challenging conversation to target their energy in the right direction.
• Craft better responses that target the person with whom you are speaking to, allowing them to hear you more effectively.

“Through our speech and our silence, we become smaller or larger selves. Through our speech and our silence, we diminish or enhance the other person, and we narrow or expand the possibilities between us.” Dr. Harriet Lerner.

CEW Young Executive Event
"Mastering Difficult Conversations" with Janet Taras

Tuesday 14th August 2018
House of Hearst
30 Panton Street
London, SW1Y 4AJ

 18:00-18:30 Registration and Networking
18:30-19:30 Presentation and Q&A
19:30-20:00 Networking

Online booking only, Members only
Ticket Price £20 +VAT 

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