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How to Create a Blockbuster Brand

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How to Create a Blockbuster Brand

How to Create a Blockbuster Brand
 From kitchen table start up to one of the UK's fastest growing direct-to-consumer beauty brands 

On Tuesday 24th July, Maxine Laceby, Founder of Absolute Collagen and Tash Courtenay-Smith, CEO of Bolt Digital joined CEW at Mortimer House to share how Absolute Collagen grew from a kitchen table start up, to a brand turning over £6 million per year. 

“Cooking pig’s trotters and bones in my kitchen is where I started,” began Maxine, telling her story about the creation of Absolute Collagen. After receiving endless compliments regarding her complexion, Maxine realised that collagen was the source of her new found glow.  Maxine was determined to create the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, which she is able to achieve through her direct-to-consumer business model. 

Tash continued by discussing their strategy when marketing the brand, noting that one of the most common questions she is asked is how to effectively grow a direct-to-consumer brand. By combining highly targeted social media advertising with dedicated customer service, Absolute Collagen have developed an extremely loyal consumer and continue to go from strength to strength.

With thanks to Absolute Collagen and Bolt Digital.