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Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development

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Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development

CEW welcomed Janet Tarasofsky to host “Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development" seminar

Back by popular demand on Thursday 6th April, CEW welcomed communications expert and award-winning public speaker Janet Taras (Tarasofsky) to speak to yet another sold out audience for her seminar ‘Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development’. 

During the session, Janet asked guests to reflect on a phrase that many will have heard while growing up: ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.  Janet said that its expressions such as these that stifle conversation, allowing difficult situations to grow, manifest and to cause an individual to explode with rage. 

Janet said that confrontation is one of society’s biggest fears, which is why people hold back from having what they consider to be uncomfortable conversations, which she defines as ‘courageous conversation’. This fear of confrontation is seen not only with individuals, but also with businesses who stifle conversation in the workplace, which can lead to stagnation, a decrease in innovation and low production levels. 

Janet stressed the importance of having the courage to engage in progressive conversations, regardless of how challenging they may be, to provide people with a catalyst for change.  Janet summed up in two simple words the phrase that people need to use more often: ‘Let’s talk’. 

To provide people with guidance on how to engage in courageous conversations, she encouraged guests to use her ‘WHIP’ technique: 

  • Why – We must recognise why something is a priority to an individual  
  • Human Behaviour – We must understand that all human beings are different
  • Identify – We must identify not only our objectives but also consider others objectives
  • Proceed – We must then proceed with a courageous conversation

By following these guidelines and participating in courageous conversations, Janet is confident that people will be able to engage in productive conversation that leads to positive results for both the individual and those working within a workplace environment. 

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Janet Taras, or Tarasofsky, is an award-winning speaker determined to help people communicate in a new generation.  Through exploring diversity, she ‘DARES’ the audience to have productive and courageous conversations that lead to results, not arguments.   Janet also leads training courses that help businesses travel more comfortable between the blurred lines of communication.  She is well known for increasing employee retention, and improving both internal and external working relationships. Janet has 20 years' experience in the consumer goods industry developing and marketing products around the globe.  She has worked for small and large size businesses and created over 500 products in her career, which can only be done with effective communication.

She regularly speaks directly to large and small corporate clients, coaches many instore trainers in the beauty industry and offers Keynote Speeches on the need for Courageous Conversation.  

"The backbone of modern business relies on effective and courageous conversations" JT