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Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development

Mentoring Event

Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development

  • TIME: 08:45-10:00
  • MEMBER PRICE: £39.00+VAT

Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development
with Janet Taras

“You are not reaching your targets”
“Stop Micro-Managing me”
“Keep your voice down, I can’t concentrate"

Imagine a day when you don’t cringe before having a challenging conversation...

The above are examples of Courageous Conversations that many of us avoid at all costs. The session uncovers essential steps to have productive conversations that leads to results, no matter how challenging. Janet Taras back by popular demand will share stories and strategies to approach any difficult conversation with confidence. 

Speaking Rights offers training programs that are proven to motivate employees, improve team engagement and encourage productive conversations. Training employees to communicate courageously leads to happier teams which in turn leads to increased productivity & a healthy bottom line.

This CEW workshop with Janet Taras equips participants with tools and techniques to enable them to:
* Engage in more productive conversations which lead to progress, not arguments.
* Respond quickly to a challenging discussion in a confident and respectful manner. 
* Diagnose the real issues behind a challenging conversation to target their energy in the right direction.  
* Craft better responses that target the person with whom you are speaking to, allowing them to hear you more effectively. 

CEW Mentoring Event 
Courageous Conversations: For progress, For empowerment, For development"
Thursday 6th April 2017

Hearst Magazines UK
72 Broadwick Street
London, W1F 9EP

08:45-09:00 Registration and Networking
09:00-10:00 Presentation and Q&A

Online booking only, Members only
Ticket Price £39 +VAT

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Janet Taras, or Tarasofsky, is an award-winning speaker determined to help people communicate in a new generation.  Through exploring diversity, she ‘DARES’ the audience to have productive and courageous conversations that lead to results, not arguments.   Janet also leads training courses that help businesses travel more comfortable between the blurred lines of communication.  She is well known for increasing employee retention, and improving both internal and external working relationships. Janet has 20 years' experience in the consumer goods industry developing and marketing products around the globe.  She has worked for small and large size businesses and created over 500 products in her career, which can only be done with effective communication.

She regularly speaks directly to large and small corporate clients, coaches many instore trainers in the beauty industry and offers Keynote Speeches on the need for Courageous Conversation.  

"The backbone of modern business relies on effective and courageous conversations" JT