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A Celebration of J-Beauty at the Embassy of Japan

Special Event

A Celebration of J-Beauty at the Embassy of Japan

On the evening of Tuesday 5th March 2019, CEW in partnership with the Embassy of Japan co-hosted “A Celebration of J-Beauty” in the ballroom at the Embassy of Japan in London.

Set against a backdrop of Japanese “sakura” cherry blossom, the event was an opportunity for key figures in the UK beauty industry to meet and learn more about the cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated traditions of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, with eye-catching displays from Decorté, Shiseido, SUQQU and Panasonic.

The Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Mr Koji Tsuruoka, discussed the importance of finding harmony with nature, and how people should try to embrace nature and natural beauty, rather than fight against it. He also highlighted the parallels between Japanese cuisine – known as “washoku” – and J-Beauty, and how they both bring together Japanese techniques with Japan’s historic culture and traditions.

This was followed by a presentation by Ms Rie Yoshitake, UK Representative of the Sake Samurai Association, who talked in depth about the Japanese philosophies and traditions that are inherent in both beauty and sake, and elaborated on the Ambassador’s remarks regarding Japan’s spirit of hospitality and harmony with nature.

Ms Sandra Jones of Mintel then spoke about the presence of J-Beauty in the UK market, and the strengths and opportunities available for Japanese cosmetic brands in the UK, referencing the ageing populations in Japan and the UK, and other important themes in cosmetics, such as natural ingredients, zero-waste and sustainability. 

The formal section of the event concluded with a panel discussion led by author, beauty journalist and Financial Times columnist, Ms Kathleen Baird-Murray. Joining the panel were senior representatives from the four Japanese cosmetic brands, Decorté, Shiseido, SUQQU and Panasonic, who discussed a wide range of topics including daily beauty regimes, J-Beauty in the UK market, and the challenges and opportunities facing Japanese cosmetic brands overseas, including the UK.

This was one of many Japan-UK events as part of the “Japan-UK Season of Culture” spanning 2019 and 2020. For more information, please see https://www.uk.emb-japan.go.jp/SeasonCulture/index.html