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Beauty in the Age of Assistance & Influence

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Beauty in the Age of Assistance & Influence

 Beauty in the Age of Assistance & Influence with Google

On Wednesday 18th July 2018, CEW hosted their third business breakfast with Google to provide an insight into how beauty brands can lead in the digital age of assistance and influence. Joined by expert speakers and a panel of influencers, the morning explored how to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution and engage with the beauty consumer.

Jacqui Owens, Head of Beauty at Google introduced today’s consumer as “super-powered”, justified by the 7.8 million beauty related views on YouTube in the UK each day. Jacqui continued by expressing that a Super-Powered consumer has emerged, they are incredibly curious, demanding and impatient. Every product can now be high consideration, raising both opportunity and stakes for marketers. “We can’t not know something nowadays and this is creating a rising opportunity for marketers”.

Limitless access to information at the touch of a screen has dramatically increased the value of online content – emphasising that heightening empowerment equates to higher expectations. The desire for the user experience to be “without friction” is ever increasing; something Google has addressed by providing a free online mobile speed test for companies to compare their site speed against their top 10 competitors.

Show up, wise up and speed up were the three pieces of advice given when referring to brands operating in the digital age.

• ‘Show Up’ – noting that with consumers expecting to be assisted everywhere, if your brand isn’t there in moments of intent of value to you, another brand will be
• ‘Wise up’ - explaining that today’s consumer responds to brands that understand their needs and tailor messages and experiences to those needs.
• ‘Speed up’ – advising brands to be aware that over 50% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Vaso Kanistra, Online Partnerships Manager at YouTube then took to the stage to share her expertise of working with YouTube creators to share best practice to brands for their own brand channels, with 10 fundamentals of a creative strategy including “shareability”, “inspiration” and “interactivity”.

Leila White, Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube facilitated the conversation with leading influencers Emily Norris, Sophie Shohet and Simone Partner aka Eltoria to discuss the success of their YouTube channels and keeping their followers engaged. The panel agreed that interacting with viewers by answering questions and encouraging them to contribute to the creation of future content establishes a sense of community and belonging. The panel went on to discuss successful brand partnerships and how factors such as a thorough brief that simultaneously allows creative freedom can equate to effective content that increases engagement with the brand.

All three panellists reiterated that brands are more likely to resonate with audiences if partnerships are authentic. Sophie Shohet elaborated that it is important that brands find influencers who already use the product in order to ensure that a naturally great partnership is formed. The conversation continued between the influencers, all agreeing that brands too frequently do not ask for demographical data. 

In conclusion, Eltoria emphasised that bloggers want to create relationships with brands, not just business. She continued, “It’s great to really build a relationship with a brand and that doesn’t always have to involve a monetary fee”.


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