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7 Things You Need to Know About Podcasting!

Special Event

7 Things You Need to Know About Podcasting!

"7 Things You Need to Know About Podcasting - Right Now!"

CEW was delighted to partner with Global, The Media & Entertainment Group, to present the "7 Things You Need to Know About Podcasting – Right Now!" This special event included several speakers from Global as well as a live recording of the Outspoken Beauty podcast with Nicola Bonn.

David Cooper, Head of DAX Podcasts at Global, began the session by explaining the value of podcasts. “Social media is a filter,” he stated, “but digital audio is a mirror. Podcasts are a reflection of who we are.” Podcasts can engage when other media cannot: whilst commuting and on the move, carrying out day to day tasks, or just to unwind. At the end of a long day of staring at computer and phone screens, the last thing people want to do is turn on the TV. As a result, podcasts are perfect as they are ‘easy on the eyes’.

The audience then heard from Megan Wastell, Product Director at Global who spoke about the elements of a great podcast. Megan emphasised the importance of maintaining audience engagement with a storytelling arc and ensuring your recording environment puts your contributors at ease. Since sound quality is critical to any podcast, the audio and post-production edit can be a make-or-break factor. She said how it is necessary for hosts to recognise that they are in an intimate conversation with the listener, since most use headphones to listen. Finally, creators need to be committed to growing their podcast and allow time for the podcast to become a part of the listener’s routine.

Tony McAllister, Head of Innovation, Partnerships & Digital at Global, went on to explain the different marketing opportunities available to brands via podcasts. Brands can choose to create their own podcasts but this provides its own challenges and takes time and commitment to gain traction.  Other options would be to create an affiliation with an existing podcast or make guest appearances. Many of the advertisements in podcasts are host-read, so finding the right synergy is essential to success. 

Following this, Jo McCrostie, Creative Director at Global, demonstrated the power of audio. “You cannot help but hear,” she said, “your reactions are involuntary. People react to sound 17-percent faster than sight.” Sound often paints a picture better than images do – it conveys genuine emotion and allows the listener the freedom to interpret things from their own perspective. It is for this reason that audio is considered the lead driver when it comes to brand trust when compared to video and text.

Finally, Nicola Bonn, host of the Outspoken Beauty podcast, completed the session with a live podcast interviewing Jules Von Hep, the founder of Isle of Paradise, and renowned beauty journalist Anita Bhagwandas. The group discussed how beauty products can be triggers for all sorts of memories. Together, these stories showed the audience just how much beauty products can play a part in memories. Find this episode of the Outspoken Beauty podcast on the Global Player app or via outspokenbeauty.co.uk. 

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