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“The View from the Top” with Tracey Woodward and Chris Reid

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“The View from the Top” with Tracey Woodward and Chris Reid

“The View from the Top” with Tracey Woodward and Chris Reid
 Interviewed by Nicola Bonn 


On Wednesday 10th April, CEW had the pleasure of welcoming two industry luminaries, Tracey Woodward, former CEO of Aromatherapy Associates and Chris Reid, General Manager at Kiehl’s to discuss their career paths, what motivates them and their love of the industry to an audience of CEW Young Executive members, hosted by Nicola Bonn, Heart’s Beauty Editor and Host of the Outspoken Beauty Podcast.

Nicola began by introducing Tracey, who despite having one of the most successful careers in the beauty industry spanning 35 years, had a difficult upbringing and only received two years of schooling. Tracey spoke to our audience in a raw and honest way, sharing her personal experiences and encouraging continuous learning regardless of career level.

The audience then heard from Chris, who spoke about his start in the industry which included handing in his C.V. five times before successfully getting a job at the department store he had “pestered” to work at. Chris also confessed that he loved to make mistakes as this was the only real time that he learnt.

Following on from the topic of mistakes, Tracey acknowledged that if you surround yourself with the right team and do have failures, you can collectively learn from your mistakes.  “Other than sleeping, work is where we spend the majority of our time”, Tracey continued, “How we behave and react to our colleagues is what defines us, not our mistakes”.

 CEW thanks Nicola, Tracey and Chris for sharing their experiences and expertise with the Young Executive membership.

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